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Bray Seafront, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

Beautiful Bray

Things have changed quite a bit since this was written. This was how it was in 2013!

My name is Abigail O’Donovan and I’m the creator of The Ultimate Client Attraction Process for Holistic Practitioners

I have one son and one daughter and two amazing grandsons. I live in the town of Bray, in Ireland. It’s an old seaside town that was once a popular holiday destination before flights and foreign holidays became so cheap. There’s a Victorian promenade along the sea where I can be found walking most days when the weather’s half decent. There’s something magical about walking there; I always find it seems to clear my head and helps me to get grounded, focused, back to myself and get a better perspective on things I could otherwise be fussing over.

Upper Lake, Glendalough

Upper Lake, Glendalough

I feel blessed to be living in such an amazing part of the world. One of my favourite places to visit is Glendalough, an old monastic city up in the mountains just 45 minutes from where I live. Today it is a national park. Early on a sunny morning it’s a magical place to be. I love to travel, enjoy stimulating conversations, hanging out with my kids and grandkids. I have a curious nature, a passion for learning, and love how there is always so much more to discover about life, the Universe and everything. Oh, and I’m a DIY enthusiast and have a keen interest in fast cars, especially red BMWs!

If you’re anything like me you’ll have had times in your life when life seemed particularly challenging and you wondered if you’d make it through. I’ve had times when it felt like my whole world had fallen apart and me with it, and that I’d never get myself back together again. I did.

Me, my daughter, mother, grandson!

4 Generations:
Me, my daughter, mother, grandson!

I’ve been engaged in my own healing and personal growth journey for over 20 years now and during this time been closely associated with many holistic practitioners, some who encouraged, even badgered me, to train as a practitioner myself. The only problem was that I never found one therapy that grabbed me enough to want to practice it.

I believe passionately that holistic practitioners have an enormous contribution to make to our world today. One day I had a light bulb moment that started me on this journey of formulating my Client Attraction process. I’d had great success in marketing and promoting my own business on a shoestring budget including:

  • A two-page spread in Cosmopolitan in the U.K.
  • Review article in The Independent
  • Featured in an Irish Times article
  • Featured on the front page of the women’s section in the Irish Daily Star newspaper
  • Had my own articles published in special interest publications
  • Had my online articles taken up by several other websites
  • My two websites in the U.K. occupying the first 3 places in Google,
    and 6 of the first 10 entries, on a search for the product I was distributing at the time

This is no fun, is it?

I realised that the one thing all the holistic practitioners I knew were struggling with was marketing, and how to attract and acquire more clients. They all had pretty much the same issues, feeling uncomfortable about charging what they were worth, attracting the right sort of clients, not having any or enough clients and feeling pretty powerless to do anything about it, and not knowing where to start or what to do. Does this sound like you?

That’s why I’m here. I want to help Holistic Practitioners just like you to see all the clients you’re meant to, and have a satisfying, sustainable and profitable practice. Take a couple of minutes right now and add up all the money you’ve spent on your professional training and all the costs associated with that; travel, accommodation, food while travelling, babysitters, your own therapy, supervision etc. and you may be surprised to discover just how much it’s cost you to get to where you are today.

The professional therapy training you’ve had so far is like a car. You can use your car to drive anywhere you wish to go, BUT, you need to put fuel in it or it will go nowhere. Knowing how to attract your ideal client the is fuel that drives the car. If you’re ready to fuel up and get your show on the road, get in touch with me today on +353 (0)85 100 1553 or email me here. Someone out there today is looking for you, and for exactly what YOU and only you have to offer. Are you going to make them wait any longer?

I’d love to get to know you. Say “Hi” in the comments below or sign up for my free videos.

All the very best for now,

Abigail xx

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