Are you really in touch with the true value of the work you do?

Mature WomanAs human beings we all have basic needs which include needs for love, acceptance, reassurance, empathy, understanding, respect, support and emotional safety.

Are you fully aware of how many of a client’s unspoken needs may be met during your work with them? Are you fully aware of all that you contribute to their well-being in addition to the actual therapy you do with them?

Try this exercise; take 20 minutes someday and from a calm centred space make a written list of all the ways that your clients benefit from your work. Not just the obvious ways that easily come to mind. Go deep with this one, really deep, and don’t stop until you feel an emotional shift take place, you might even shed a tear of gratitude when you really feel it.

Your list might include:

  • Ways in which you meet some or all of the needs above
  • The gift of affirming another human being
  • Giving someone much needed space and time out for themselves
  • The gift of being seen and heard
  • The gift of being fully present to another; one of the greatest gifts we can give

This exercise for all its simplicity is one of the most powerful exercises you can do both for yourself personally and for your practice. We live in a culture and a society that has encouraged us since birth, through our religious systems, our education and political systems to focus what’s wrong with us, where we fall short, don’t quite make the grade, aren’t enough, aren’t good enough. If you ever berate yourself or feel even a little pang of guilt about not doing more, not serving all the clients you could be, not yet having fulfilled some vision you had for your practice, if you hold yourself back in any way, you’ll know what I mean!

When you really see and feel your true value and that of your work, others will reflect that back to you. What’s found on the inside is always reflected on the outside. When you live from that place of knowing and owning your value, watch how everything changes. It’s ALL about your vibration. The vibration of appreciation and love for yourself is magnetic and makes you much more attractive to the clients you wish to serve. Own your own magnificence, see your true value and what you have to contribute and watch the growth of your practice and your sense of fulfilment increase over time.

And keep your list so that you can refer to it on a down day. It’s one of the best picker-uppers I know of!

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