How to charge what you’re truly worth; and attract more clients in the process!

money_joyHas anybody ever said to you that the work you do is brilliant and you’re not charging what you’re worth? That you’re not valuing yourself enough; that you’re selling yourself short? Do you know on some level that they’re right but you’re still hesitant to increase your fees?

Here’s an exercise for you that if you do it will end your self-doubt on this issue forever!

Let’s start with the premise that you know you’re one of a kind, inimitable. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know that YOU are the centre of your practice, not the therapies you offer.

Step 1: Play with the idea that those who are telling you that you’re not charging what you’re worth may be right.

Step 2: Realise that the MOST important thing you need to do in relation to this issue is to build value for what you’re doing and then  come up with a fee based on the transformational value you bring to your clients. Someone who builds value for a product or service they’re offering and offers it to the right market could sell for €2,000 what someone else couldn’t sell for €200!

Step 3: Get clear on:

  • What you’re offering
  • What’s unique about it
  • Who’s looking for it
  • Who you’re offering this to
  • Who you would like to provide it to

Step 4: Ask yourself “What would be the benefit to someone (an individual) of availing of my services?”

You need to come up with a list of real benefits for this person and then expand on each one in terms of what these benefits mean to them.

For example; let’s say that you empower people to deal with stress, a sadly all too common complaint in our world today. What would be the benefits of what you do in helping people to deal with stress?

Benefit #1: A person could begin to sleep better at night – Which means:

  • They’re better able to cope with life during the daytime; things don’t seem quite so overwhelming after a good night’s sleep
  • They’ll boost their immune system as this suffers greatly when a person is sleep deprived
  • That fuzzy brain-fog feeling that’s been with them for a while will ease
  • Family relationships will be enhanced as a person who’s rested won’t be inclined to fly off the handle so easily
  • They’ll gradually recover their energy and not feel like they’re dragging themselves through each day
  • A person who’s well rested is less likely to be involved in traffic accidents. The RSA suggest that one in every five crashes on Irish roads could be caused by driver fatigue
  • If sleep problems can be dealt with successfully it gives hope to a sufferer of stress that their other problems can be resolved too
  • And….

Benefit #2: A person could feel more in charge of their life again – Which means:

  • They can now make clear decisions about actions they need to take; whether or not it’s time to leave a relationship, a job, start a new business, close an existing one, put their house on the market etc.
  • They can take their power back and deal with; the letters from the bank, the unreasonable boss, the demanding ex-spouse, the child whose behaviour concerns them etc.
  • They can ask for and receive the help they need; someone to take the kids for a few hours a couple of times a week so they can take a break, someone to help them with those jobs around the house they’ve been putting off for ages and didn’t believe it was okay to ask for help
  • They can start feeling good about themselves again, seeing that they’re way bigger than the problems they once thought were insurmountable
  • They can start to feel a sense of ease and eliminate the skin crawling feeling of anxiety that was previously their constant companion
  • And…

These are two of the many benefits a person suffering from stress might wish to have in their life. Come up with another dozen or so benefits and list out what they actually mean in real terms, physically, mentally and emotionally. Whatever YOUR speciality is, list out what the benefits would be to your client and the meaning of each one.

To make meaning out of each of those benefits ask yourself: woman_joy

  • What does this benefit really mean?
  • How would this transform a person’s life?
  • How would this help a person to feel more safe and secure?
  • How would this help a person to take their power back from whatever has been problematic for them?
  • What would this bring to their relationships and family?
  • How would this enhance a person’s career, business or social life?
  • How would this help them; get through the menopause, the children leaving home, starting over after the breakup of a relationship etc. How would it help them in whatever may be specific to the clients you serve?

If you can truly help people in this way, if your work with them can affect their lives in such a dramatic fundamental way; what is the true value of that? Build and communicate that value to ONE person effectively, who’s looking for what you have to offer. If the benefits you offer have a higher perceived value than the cash you’re asking them to pay, they will pay what you ask to have what you offer.

Tip; you’re always talking to ONE person whether you’re writing an article, a blog post, making a video etc. Put this on a Post-it where you’ll see it every day. It’s that important for you to know this at your core!

Step 5: Finally, ask yourself “Who would that person touch, who would they touch, and who would they touch? See the ripple effect that one person’s healing makes to the entire planet. Because we’re all connected we’re all affected on some level. Let’s own that because it’s powerful to acknowledge it!

If you take the couple of hours you’ll need to do this exercise thoroughly, I guarantee that you’ll never look at what you do in quite the same way again. You’ll see the true value of your work, maybe for the very first time. When you own your own value and build a compelling picture of that for others in terms of the benefits to them, your practice will never be the same again. Any stagnation or stuckness you may have been feeling will disappear. You’ll let go of any tendency to sell yourself short and you’ll start charging what you’re truly worth and what you deserve to receive for the huge investment you’ve made in time, money and energy in order to be able to offer what you do. Then watch as the shift in vibration you’ll experience attracts further clients to you.

Now please don’t do what we all do at times; read something and think “That was interesting” and then go about your day as if nothing happened. If you don’t have time now, bookmark this page until you can come back and give yourself the gift of working through this exercise. It truly may be one of the most powerful things you do for yourself and your practice this year.

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Thanks for reading xx

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  1. Stella Scott December 4, 2013 at 10:33 pm #

    Love it Abi! I do hope whomever reads this does TAKE THE TIME to follow your exercise! It will change everything!

    • Abigail O'Donovan December 4, 2013 at 10:42 pm #

      Thanks Stella 🙂

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