Does Doing Your Taxes Do Your Head In?

Upset womanThere are two things we can’t avoid in life, death and taxes. I’ve just finished the mind numbing ritual of making my tax return for the previous year, paying to Caesar what is Caesar’s and all that. Whether you have an accountant who looks after yours or whether you do it yourself, how smooth the process will be is largely determined by how well ordered your accounting system is.

Reflecting on this got me thinking about one of my favourite topics, systemization. Now before you roll your eyes to heaven or click off this page in search of something far more interesting or exciting, hear me out, please!

The reason I love systems is because they free up time, energy and money. The more systems I put in place, the more empowered I feel in my business and in my life and the more time I free up.

It’s also the way the Universe works, in systems. There’s our solar system and the systems that hold galaxies and stars in place. These can be evidenced by the accuracy with which an eclipse or the configuration of planets can be predicted at particular dates and times. An oak tree may be a couple of hundred years old, yet for every day of its existence it has flowed water and nutrients up and down its massive trunk to nourish and hydrate every one of its trillions of cells. It does this according to the systems that operate reliably and consistently as an integral part of the tree and without which the tree would not exist. Everything in nature operates by way of interconnecting systems. Our very bodies are run by an intricate interweaving of systems; respiratory, endocrine, cardio-vascular, reproductive, and lymphatic etc. When those systems break down we’re in trouble.

In your practice are there things you could be systemizing that could free up your time and energy for more high priority activities? The time we don’t fill with high priority activities tends to get filled with low priority ones or other peoples’ agendas or dramas.

Today I’m looking with fresh eyes at my own practice and asking myself what else am I doing that I could develop a system for? I invite you to try this one out. If you find it doesn’t make your life easier you can stop! Here’s a very simple exercise to try:

List out areas of your practice that need to be tended to on a regular basis i.e.

  • Accounting and managing paperwork
  • Ordering of supplies
  • Promotional activities (perhaps using social media)
  • Staying in touch with those in your spiral of influence
  • Keeping records, phone numbers, emails etc.

Then ask yourself, “What system could I put in place here that could free up my time, energy and money to………fill in the blanks…….…?

When you ask powerful questions like these your subconscious mind will either immediately or eventually deliver the answer to you. Don’t worry if you don’t know what the answer is when you ask the question; that will come, trust the process!


Does the idea of employing systems, in harmony with natural law make sense to you? Do you already do it? What are your favourite systems?

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