The 3 Session Process

The Ultimate Client Attraction Process for Holistic Practitioners

Session One
We begin by identifying your current business challenges and what you want to achieve in your practice.

Introduction to The Ultimate Client Attraction Process and the philosophy that drives it, including a brief explanation of the fundamentals of this 7 Step Process:

  • The 3 Business Essentials; yet many practitioners ignore 2 of them!
  • Empowerment – Delegation – Abdication of Responsibility
  • Self-promotion / Appreciation
  • Inner process / Outer process
  • The Spiral of Influence
  • Building your Lighthouse
  • The Iceberg Conundrum

Step 1: Your Foundation
Your story; challenges you’ve overcome, transitions you’ve made, where you are now
Why do you do what you do; what’s your why behind your why, the why that makes you cry?
Understanding YOU are the centre of your business, not the therapies you offer!
Moving from the competitive plane to the creative plane

Step 2: What problems do you solve?

Session Two
Step 3: Defining your ideal client
Who is your ideal client?
Who do you love to work with?
Who would you prefer not to work with?

Step 4: Building your Audience /Tribe
Identifying where members of your potential audience hang out and how you get to talk to them
Your Spiral of Influence
Who are your advocates and influencers?

Step 5: Congruency
Do conflicting intentions sabotage your practice building efforts at all?
Are your current marketing messages truly representative of you? An analysis
Your Self-promotion / Appreciation balance
The inner process and outer process of marketing
Where are you on the passive wait-er or predator scale?

Session Three
Step 6: Marketing as an authentic expression of yourself. Adding value, Law of Reciprocity
Expressing what you believe, adding value, creating influence
What value do you consistently add to your community?
Where can you add value and how?
How do you get to become known as the ‘go to’ person for the problem you solve?

Step 7: Developing and implementing your unique Client Attraction Strategy
Two strands – existing clients – new clients
Systems – systems create predictable, consistent results
How to generate great testimonials that sell YOU!

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