Adding Value

What value do you consistently add to your community?
Authenticity and adding value is where it’s at. If you don’t add value you’re missing out on an opportunity to serve. You will be paid in direct proportion to the value you deliver to your community. Deliver a lot, you’ll be paid a lot, deliver a little and you’ll receive accordingly. When you add value to the community you wish to serve, you invoke one of the most powerful laws in the Universe, the Law of Reciprocity. When you have a clear and clean intention to add value or make a contribution that will benefit others, the Universe has to give something, somehow, somewhere, that’s at least of equal value to you, it’s Law.

Where can you add value and how?
You could deliver value in the form of sharing your knowledge and expertise by being active in your community in whatever way feels appropriate to you. You could write articles for offline publications, submit articles to online submission sites, contribute to an online community, become active in social groups where your ideal clients hang out and contribute there. Start a blog writing compelling posts that your tribe will find relevant. Many people may be unaware of how the products or services you offer could be a solution to their problem. Instead of passively waiting for someone to educate them, why don’t you step up and do it? Become known as an authority on whatever the problem you solve is. Position yourself as a person who has the answer, because you do! Your credibility will soar and people will seek you out. The good news is, it’s a lot easier to do this than you think. Everybody wants somebody to solve a problem for them. Be that person and ‘getting’ clients won’t be an issue for you as they’ll be eagerly beating a path to your door.

But hey, let’s get you going right now; what can you do starting today, right here, right now, to add more value than you’re currently doing?

Whatever therapy you’re qualified in you have a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. Someone right now, today, could benefit from what you know, what you have to share. Why not draw up a list of the 7 Ways To….; 7 Things You Should Know About…; Top Ten Tips For…; (fill in the blanks); send this list in an email to your tribe; add it to your Facebook page; use it as the basis for an online article you can submit right now which contains a link to your blog or website. You could even send the tips in a real physical greeting card that you can send through the post. This is a phenomenal way to make an impact; your contribution and your contact details will probably be on your recipient’s noticeboard or desk for a long time. When you keep yourself on the top of someone’s mind by adding value you let them know they’re important to you. When you do this in a personal and consistent manner, they’ll be more inclined to pick up the phone and call you when they need the help they know you can offer, and refer their family and friends to you. That’s what you want, isn’t it?

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