Step 4: Building Your Audience / Tribe

Get clear (if you’re not already) on your own philosophy, what you believe, what you stand for, who you stand for, who you want to impact/ help/serve.

Birds of a feather flock together
Your Audience or Tribe is a group of people whose beliefs are in alignment with yours, they listen to what you have to say, learn to trust you, give you permission to educate them, view you as credible and competent, see you as someone who adds value and who want to stay connected to you. Your tribe is made up of people who gravitate to you, and from which, in time, people will emerge who want to work with you. When you’re clear about what you believe, why you do what you do, and can articulate that, you will naturally and organically attract new Tribe members and from that more of the ideal clients to your practice.

Watch this great video by Simon Sinek for an excellent illustration of this principle.

Identifying where your potential tribe members and ideal clients hang out and how you get to talk to them
Once you’ve determined the characteristics of your tribe members and ideal clients it’s crucial to identify where they hang out and how you can get to talk to them. Questions to ask yourself may include; what professional or social networks are they likely to be a part of? What Meet Up groups are they likely to be members of? What online communities might they be part of? Are there clubs or associations they belong to that you could speak to? What events do they go to or get involved with? Do they subscribe to journals, magazines or websites that you could write articles for? Have fun in this identification process. At the very least you’ll meet a lot of new people with whom you can begin to develop new relationships, and business is all about relationships. Remember that people are always more attracted and open to those who are easy to be around. You’re exploring possibilities of how you can meet and talk with people like you; if that isn’t fun what is? You’re not on a client hunt so lighten up and enjoy the process!

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