Step 5: Congruency – Conflicting Intentions

Here’s where we get to the nitty gritty. Is it at all possible that you may have conflicting intentions that are holding you back from fully expressing yourself and allowing your practice to fly? What are conflicting intentions you may ask. Conflicting intentions is when you say you want to grow your practice yet your behaviour suggests otherwise. Examples: The practitioner who says they want to grow a practice yet spends hours a day on social media or internet dating sites rather than on practice building activities; or who gets so distracted by other people’s agendas they’ve no time to focus on building a practice; who actively sabotages their practice by regularly turning up late to meet clients or not being fully present and engaged during an appointment.

Unconscious drives when not acknowledged create havoc. To the casual observer it may appear that a practitioner is desperately trying everything they can to build a practice but it’s only when the inner conflict is resolved that there is any real possibility of this happening. What inner conflict? Well, for instance if you were afraid that you wouldn’t have the time to spend with your family that you’d like to if you get ‘too busy’ you could make sure that you wouldn’t get that busy; if you put getting into a new relationship higher on your list of priorities than building a practice, you might devote more time and energy to that venture; if you had plans to go travelling but never did, it could be that you secretly fear becoming ‘stuck’ if you commit to growing a practice now, thereby never realising your dream. Then of course there are the reliable old bugbears to hold you back; not feeling competent enough; fearing that you’re undeserving of a thriving practice; needing just one more qualification before you’re ready to shine; needing to attend just one more training and then you’ll be ready to launch yourself; all of which are fear in some of its more bewildering disguises.

If you’ve been experiencing resistance to the suggestions made in the previous steps it’s possible that you may have conflicting intentions. If you want to know if this is true for you simply look at your own behaviour. How fully present and engaged are you? How much time and energy do you devote to learning how to build your practice? (Not to be confused with gaining additional qualifications which is a subject we’ll touch on later) To implementing what you learn about practice building? How easily distracted are you?

As you move into the heart centre and market authentically from the heart, the light that shines in this centre illuminates everything and the issue of congruency comes to the fore. Any misalignment must be corrected here, if it isn’t you may find you sabotage yourself further down the line. If you don’t have the results you say you want, you have information, you have feedback, don’t ignore it, and don’t beat yourself up if you find you have conflicting intentions, that won’t help you or anyone! You may rejoice because now you have an opportunity to bring these shadows into the light and make a conscious choice about where you wish to focus your energies and what’s really important to you. It’s relatively easy to spend money and invest time on unproductive promotional activities as a way of attempting to compensate for misaligned energy. However, this can only create more frustration, and if persisted in can lead to a feeling of hopelessness, even despair. If the underlying conflicting intentions aren’t resolved there is little hope of developing a thriving practice because success in anything requires commitment, clarity and focus.

Are your current marketing messages truly representative of you?
Do you have a website that you know in your heart is just not ‘you’? Do you have flyers or brochures advertising your practice that look like they were conceived by an imagination bypassed troll, the finished edition resembling a poorly put together fanzine from the 1970s? Do you have professional looking business cards or flimsy looking freebies? You only get one chance to make a good first impression so make the most of it. Go through everything you use to promote your practice and if it doesn’t ‘wow’ you, ask yourself if it’s good enough to accurately represent who you are, who you are becoming and the invaluable service you have to offer.

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