Introduction to The Ultimate Client Attraction Process for Holistic Practitioners and the philosophy that drives it, including a brief explanation of the fundamentals of this 7 Step Process.

We begin by identifying your current business challenges and what you want to achieve in your practice.

Naming your business challenges is a powerful way to begin a process of change. Just speaking out about whatever the problem is helps to put it into perspective. The intention to find a solution and taking action to do so are the first steps on the road to a flourishing practice regardless of where you may be now. Things can always change for the better once you take that first step.

Those with a vision flourish, those without a vision perish.

  • Did you start out with a dream of all the people you were going to help?
  • A dream of how your own personal work, the struggles you endured, the sacrifices you made, and all you overcame to get your diploma would all seem so worthwhile once your clients started to appear?
  • Did you start out with absolute conviction that you were doing what you always felt you were meant to do?
  • Do you find it hard now to understand why you’re not seeing all the clients you could be and want to?
  • Have you even begun to question whether you’re on the right track at all with your life?

The dream may have dimmed but it hasn’t died. You’re here looking for a solution, and it begins with you giving birth to a new vision of what’s possible for you, what’s possible for your practice. You can envision a flourishing practice and know that whatever the mind can conceive it can achieve. You can turn your dream into a reality. You’ve already begun by being here.


  • The 3 Business Essentials; yet many practitioners ignore 2 of them!
  • Empowerment – Delegation – Abdication of Responsibility
  • Self-promotion / Appreciation
  • Inner process / Outer process
  • The Spiral of Influence
  • Building your Lighthouse
  • The Iceberg Conundrum

Your Self-promotion / Appreciation balance
“The greatest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated” William James

A well documented survey carried out a few years ago showed that 68% of customers who left a business did so because of perceived indifference; they felt unappreciated. It’s often touted that business is all about relationships. How could this happen if that were true? In any healthy relationship there exists a continuous flow of energy between self and other. The balance of energy is maintained in somewhat of an equilibrium. Too much care for self and neglect of the other or too much care for the other and neglect of self can tip this balance so much that the relationship can’t survive and eventually breaks down. In marketing a business or a practice, this balance occurs between self-promotion and appreciation. So much of what’s commonly considered marketing is almost exclusively self-promotional, it’s out of balance and is not holistic. If it feels unnatural to you, that’s because it is, it’s totally out of harmony with natural law! Yet so many practitioners believe this is ‘marketing’. If this is what you’ve thought up to now it’s no wonder you don’t like it and you may have shied away from it because it just didn’t feel right to you. You need to market your business in an authentic way that keeps you connected to your heart. To market your business in total harmony with natural law, a way that you can not only feel at peace with, energised by, but really learn to love, while you observe the positive effects it has on everyone around you.

Take some time right now to look at your Self-promotion / Appreciation balance. How much of your current marketing is promotional, where you tell potential clients what you can do for them, what services you offer, what qualifications you have, what special offers you have on; and how much of your time, energy and resources do you spend expressing genuine appreciation for those who support you in your practice and the people in your community because your heart longs for them to know just how much you value and appreciate them. The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated. When you satisfy this craving you’ll never have to worry about ‘getting’ clients because you’ll be massively contributing to the well-being of others and appreciation raises your attractor factor. What you send out will return to you multiplied. As you send out Appreciation and Gratitude which are high vibrations that by the Law of Attraction attract things of like vibration back to you, you’ll be more likely to worry about how you’ll fit all your new and returning clients into your schedule!

John Naisbitt in his book ‘Megatrends’ says, “We live in a world of duality, we have a mind and we have a heart, we need both. The greater the demand for high tech, the greater the demand for high touch. Meet that demand and you’ll find that you’ll be in demand!

The inner and outer process of marketing
The Self-promotion / Appreciation balance tends to be heavily weighted in favour of Self-promotion. Likewise the balance between the inner and outer process of marketing is heavily weighted in favour of the outer process. This is where various marketing tools and how to use them are given a status and an importance they don’t deserve. This is where the tools become more important than the intention. The power is never in the tools you use it’s in your intention. The outer process of marketing is putting the focus outside of yourself and struggling to figure out ways to ‘get’ more clients. The inner process involves first going within, clearing up patterns of resistance, bringing into the light any conflicting intentions which may be unconsciously sabotaging the growth of your practice. Then raising your vibration through the power of gratitude and setting a clear intention for the contribution you intend to make and the reward you want to receive as a result. This work is absolutely essential if you’re to grow a solid expansive practice and attract more of the clients you want. To become irresistibly attractive to those who you want as clients, pay as much attention to the inner process as the outer. When you want to make a real impact in your field pay more attention to the inner process; the outer then tends to work itself out, it certainly becomes easier.

Your Spiral of Influence
N.B. Read this section with caution! This is not meant as a blanket suggestion for every practitioner as there are some, i.e. Counsellors and Psychotherapists etc. who should NEVER contact their clients in the ways suggested below. On the other hand practitioners of other therapies who follow up with their clients get a ton of referrals as they’re seen to be going the extra mile in taking the time to follow-up with clients and the clients really appreciate it. Counsellors and Psychotherapists etc. will have their own Spiral of Influence anyway that they can list the support of without including clients past or present.

Who are your advocates, influencers, supporters? Do you realise that you probably know all the people you need to know in order to serve all the clients you wish to serve? You have a spiral of influence where advocates and supporters of your business, referral partners and the clients who already refer other clients to you, are close to you at the centre of the spiral. Moving progressively toward the outside of the spiral are those who you have a connection with that isn’t as strong as the one you have with those in the centre. The power of working with this spiral of influence and making it work properly for you is awesome.

At the outer edge of the spiral are those you have little or no connection with at all. Have you ever experienced the frustration, burnout and financial loss that can accompany the practice of marketing to this group through trade shows that aren’t targeted to attract your defined audience, advertising, creating brochures, flyers and posters, building websites with no content to engage the visitor or no facility to build a list from? In general, adopting a spray and pray approach where you spray a lot of stuff out and pray something comes back? This is often a fruitless endeavour and if you’ve done it you know the feelings of despondency and discouragement that can sometimes result.

Learning how to work consciously with your Spiral of Influence and to develop it further is one of the most empowering things you can do for your practice. How many of your past and present clients have come to you by ‘Word of Mouth’? What difference would it make to your practice to start putting ‘Word of Mouth’ on steroids today? Included in the Process is a tool that will enable you to see at a glance how well you’re making this Spiral work for you!

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