Step 7: Developing And Implementing Your Unique Client Attraction Strategy

Two strands – existing clients – new or potential ‘tribe’ members
With a profound sense of clarity now about who you are, what you do, who you help and what you have to offer, it’s time to let your light shine and attract to you those with whom you are meant to work. What makes The Ultimate Client Attraction Process for Holistic Practitioners different from many other marketing strategies out there is that it operates in harmony with Natural Law. You can now, maybe for the first time, feel relief in knowing you don’t have to sell your soul to build a healthy and flourishing practice. You can market your practice holistically and as an expression of your unique self, attract to you those clients who are right for you.
In working through this process with me you’ll arrive at a point where you’ll have two strands, your existing clients and new or potential tribe members. At this point in the process we envision your Client Attraction Strategy in order to communicate and keep in touch with both these strands, mapping out a process that fits with you and your practice. Your strategy is as unique as you are. This is not a cookie cutter process.

Selecting the tools you will use in your strategy:
The tools are nowhere near as important as the intention with which you use them. If there is one thing you take away from the investment of time you make in reading this let it be that one-sided promotional marketing is not holistic, is out of balance and works against natural law,. You’re a holistic practitioner, how could it feel good to you! The Ultimate Client Attraction Process works with natural law, with the grand design. Appreciation and Gratitude are high vibrations that by the Law of Attraction attract things of like vibration to you. Here, your intention is to contribute, to satisfy that craving for appreciation, to let people know they’re seen, heard, loved and cared for; and as you give, you receive in abundance. You’ve probably experimented enough now with what doesn’t work. Are you ready to start doing what does?

The tools you might use in your Client Attraction Strategy have their advantages and drawbacks. In formulating your strategy use the ones that appeal most to you and leave the rest.

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