Systems – systems create predictable, consistent results

Everything in nature operates by way of a system. Next time you look at a tree don’t just casually pass it by but think, really think about the system that nature has built into that tree. There are roots that hold it firm in the ground, a strong trunk which carries a heavy overhead canopy. The outer inch of the trunk holds channels in which xylem carries water and nutrients from the roots to the leaves and phloem carries food produced in the leaves to the branches, trunk, and roots in a perfectly ordered system. In some trees this system has been in operation for hundreds of years.

Your own body has a myriad of systems, respiratory system, endocrine system, digestive system and so on. Your body would quickly die without its systems. Your corporate body (your practice), needs systems, just like your corporal body does, in order for it to survive. It is unnatural to not have systems in your practice! Creating systems that work for you frees up time. You can then invest that time in growing your practice by seeing more clients. Or you can use it to take time out to care for and nurture yourself which is so important. Systemize as much in your practice as it’s possible to do.

S = Save
Y = Your
S = Self
T = Time
E = Energy
M = Money

If there’s one practical step you can take today, draw up a simple timesheet, or download one here and note down all the activities you do in a day. Use more than one sheet by all means, be as thorough as you can. If you really want to see a monumental shift in your life and in your practice do this every day for two weeks. Ok, you can have the weekends off! Then, take an hour to analyse these sheets, really take a look at what you spend time doing that could be systemized. You’ll also just as importantly see a number of things on there that you’ll want to stop doing immediately when you see clearly how they’ve been robbing you of time and taking you in a direction that if you’re serious about building a practice, you won’t want to go in. Note how many of the items on this list are there because you’ve consciously chosen to do these things, and how many of them are in fact other peoples’ agendas that you’ve got caught up in. It’s such an enlightening exercise to do, actually doing it will reveal to you the truth about what you really spend your time on…and the truth will set you free.

Now, if you’re feeling a little resistance coming up to the idea of doing this, or you start and then stop after a few days, don’t beat yourself up, be gentle with yourself and ask the resistance what it is protecting you from. If you have a practice of meditation, it’s a great question to take into that. Ask the question and let it go, trusting that the answer will come to you. To quote Louise Hay, “All I need comes to me in Divine right order”. You’ll come face to face with the story you will need to let go of in order to move forward. Don’t get stuck in the story! Whatever the block is you can and you will get past it if you visualise yourself as you wish to be in your practice, doing what you feel in your heart you want to do most in the world, and you take the action required to back up your vision. When you declare yourself worthy of having your dreams they show up. Nothing is being withheld from you. Remember, yes, you’ve heard it before, the last part of the phrase ‘Law of Attraction’ is ‘action’!

When you keep your vision clearly in mind you can set your priorities and let your vision be your guide. Your time is precious. Honour it and use it wisely. Last note, if you’re having resistance to letting go of the resistance to empower yourself around how you spend your time, remember that the pain of discipline is nowhere near as painful as the pain of regret. You have the same 24 hours as everyone else. Make yours count!

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