Step 2: What Problems Do You Solve?

Do you relieve pain? Do you ease the stress that today all but destroys the quality of life for an alarming percentage of the population? Do you help the woman living with the heartache of longing to hold her own baby, who sees smiling babies looking adoringly at their mothers everywhere, have the experience she craves through your fertility treatment? Do you enable those crippled with inflammatory diseases such as arthritis reduce their dependency on prescription drugs? What about those suffering from phobias who may be terrified of to get on a plane, missing out on so much as a result? Do you assist those who are haunted by the memory of traumatic events from the past which paralyse them and prevent them from living life in the present, to complete their past business and go on to live a life free from those ghosts?

If you were sick, ill, distressed, depressed, emotionally overwhelmed, suffering from phobias or stuck in the past, would you really care if your practitioner used EFT, Reiki, Acupuncture etc? Probably not, you’d just want to know if they can resolve your problems. Your clients are no different. The bottom line is they want a solution to their problem and if you can’t get your message across that you have a solution for their pain they won’t become your clients. You think marketing is difficult? It’s common sense! What you may be doing and what you may think marketing is, makes it difficult. When you’re fully expressing yourself and what you have to offer the world, marketing is a part of that and it’s as normal as breathing. It’s just as necessary if you want to have a thriving practice; and when you’re fully expressing yourself you’ll love doing it!

Really, what problems do YOU solve? Really think about it. Better yet, write about it. Let go of what you think you know and open up to what your soul wants you to know about who you truly are and the work you’re here to do. In the writing you may find you solve much more than you realise when you look below the surface. Don’t stop until you shed a tear of gratitude when you come face to face with the truth that you are way more powerful than you believe yourself to be, you know that you have so much to offer, so much to contribute and you know that nothing on earth will stop you from giving your service of love.

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