Step 1: Your Foundation

Your story
What you bring forth will save you, what you don’t bring forth will destroy you.
The key to your success is in your story. Everything you’ve done up to now got you to here. What you’ve believed, achieved to date, your tears, triumphs, successes and what you may have seen as failures. The people, places and circumstances you’ve attracted into your life so far. If you’re one of those who think you haven’t achieved much, look again, look deeply. It’s what you bring out of your own story that makes it possible for those you wish to attract to begin to identify and want to connect with you, “Yes, she understands, I feel drawn to know more about her”. To want to hear more of what you have to say. Eventually some of these will want to work with you; they will want what you’ve got.

Why you do what you do, your belief around that
Why? The answer to that will emerge from your story. What is your belief around that? Do you know at a level beyond belief that you’re here to make a difference, have an impact? That the expression of your gifts is totally unique and it’s meant to be that way? You weren’t born to fit in, do you believe you serve humanity best by standing out, shining, showing others what’s possible?
YOU are the centre of your business, not the therapies you offer!

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